The Exact Opposite Idea of the Pirate Cliché

A thoughtful piece from the Pirates of Asia blog that lends insights to why the Murakami pirates were such a force to be reckoned, their innovations and how they contributed to the flourishing local island trading economies…


Wokou14n15thc By The original uploader was Yeu Ninje at English Wikipedia – Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons., CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

The Murakami Pirates were a bunch of ordinary people that turned into a remarkable pirate group, during the late sixteenth century in Japan. These pirates did not do what ordinary pirates did. Instead of assailing other pirates, they were protecting their customers for a living. Eventually they became the greatest pirates in Japan.

The Murakami Pirates had travelled to and settled on some of the islands of the Seto Inland Sea. The Seto Inland Sea is a waterway dotted with some 3,000 islands and islets. The pirates chose that area, so they could have their headquarters. There were three key islands chosen for their base: Noshima, Kurushima, and Innoshima. Seto Inland Sea is right between western Honshu, and northern Shikoku regions.


It is evident, from viewing the map, that…

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