Tomb treasures of the ancient tumuli

Click on the tabblo box below to see the various types of “treasures”, i.e. grave goods that have been found in various tumuli all over Japan. However, the majority of the largest tumuli thought to belong to the Great Kings and earliest emperors of Yamato Japan have yet to be excavated.

Different goods found in the tombs ancient burial mounds from the 4th centuries through the 6th centuries have included jewellery (crowns, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants and belts made of gilt, gold, silver, glass, jade or jasper); armour; weapons with ring pommels and hilts often inlaid with silver or gold, richly patterned; horse decorations and equipment; bronze mirrors; steatite ritual vessels and items; and tools such as iron forging tools.      … See the Tabblo here>

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