Yayoi linked to Yangtze area: DNA tests reveal similarities to early wet-rice farmers

“Some of the first wet-rice farmers in Japan might have migrated from the lower basin of China’s Yangtze River more than 2,000 years ago, Japanese and Chinese researchers said Thursday.
This was suggested by DNA tests conducted by the researchers that showed genetic similarities between human remains from the Yayoi Period found in southwestern Japan and the early Han Dynasty found in China’s central Jiangsu Province, Satoshi Yamaguchi told reporters.
People who introduced irrigation techniques to the Japanese archipelago in the Yayoi Period (250 B.C.-300) were believed to have come to Japan either from the Korean Peninsula across the Tsushima Strait, or from northern China across the Yellow Sea.
The latest findings, however, bolster another theory suggesting the origin of the Yayoi people was an area south of the Yangtze, which is believed to be the birthplace of irrigated rice cultivation.
Yamaguchi, a researcher at Japan’s National Science Museum, said the researchers compared Yayoi remains found in Yamaguchi and Fukuoka prefectures with those from early Han (202 B.C.-8)  in Jiangsu in a three-year project begun in 1996.
The researchers found many similarities between the skulls and limbs of Yayoi people and the Jiangsu remains.
Two Jiangsu skulls showed spots where the front teeth had been pulled, a practice common in Japan in the Yayoi and preceding Jomon Period.
But the most persuasive findings resulted from tests revealing that genetic samples from three of 36 Jiangsu skeletons also matched part of the DNA base arrangements of samples from the Yayoi remains, the scientists said. “

This suggests the relationship between the Japanese and Chinese based on an argument of their ancestral tribes.

Source: Trussel News

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This blood type unlike what we are accustomed to is called GM blood type was a method used by the Japanese Doctor Matsumoto to answer his own question of “Where are the Japanese from?”.  According to him, everyone must originate from somewhere and this natural curiosity instigated him into making the map above.
ag – presented in Japanese by around 50% concentration. Over 60% in Ainu and 40% in Northern Han.
ab3st – Presented in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Ainu, and Eskimos.
afb1b3 – Constitute most of the Thailand population and even more in Borneo.
axg – Presented in all Asians, most people, little or none in black and white.
fb1b3 – White
fb1c – n/a
ab1c – Black
ab1b3 – Central Africa and black.
ab3s – n/a


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