Restored Yayoi shrine opened to public

The site, which was discovered in 1943, is known for the remains of dwellings and paddy fields believed to have existed in the late Yayoi period (ca 300 B.C.-ca A.D. 300).

In excavation work undertaken by the Shizuoka municipal government in 1999, the remains of the shrine and a storehouse were discovered.

The municipal government began restoring the shrine, storehouse and three dwellings at the Toro site in 2006.

Previously, dwellings and other restored buildings at the site were exhibited at locations away from the place they were discovered.

However, this time, the shrine and other remains were restored where they were found.

Some dwellings and other remains are still awaiting restoration, which is scheduled to continue until March 2011.

The municipal government says it is planning to re-create the natural environment of the Yayoi period at the site.

Visitors to the site are given an opportunity to experience what life was like in the Yayoi period under the eyes of volunteers.

They can try their hand at threshing red rice with implements similar to what the Yayoi people used and starting a fire by rotating a stick on a hemp cloth base.

(Jul. 12, 2008) The Yomiuri Shimbun

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