Presence of D1 haplogroup (mtDNA) is direct evidence of genetic affinity between the northern Jomon and Native American populations

Haplogroups D1a, M7a, and N9b were observed in the remains of the Jomon skeletons at the Funadomari site in Hokkaido.

According to the published report(Adachi, Shinoda, Umetsu) on the mtDNA analysis done on the Funamadori remains, the fact that Hokkaido Jomons shared haplogroup D1 with Native Americans validates the hypothesized genetic affinity of the Jomon people to Native Americans, providing direct evidence for the genetic relationships between these populations.

Mitochondrial DNA analysis of Jomon skeletons from the Funadomari site, Hokkaido, and its implication for the origins of Native American. By Adachi N, Shinoda K, Umetsu K, et al.
Source: Am J Phys Anthropol 2009 Mar; 138(3) :255-65.


Ancient DNA recovered from 16 Jomon skeletons excavated from Funadomari site, Hokkaido, Japan was analyzed to elucidate the genealogy of the early settlers of the Japanese archipelago. Both the control and coding regions of their mitochondrial DNA were analyzed in detail, and we could securely assign 14 mtDNAs to relevant haplogroups. Haplogroups D1a, M7a, and N9b were observed in these individuals, and N9b was by far the most predominant. The fact that haplogroups N9b and M7a were observed in Hokkaido Jomons bore out the hypothesis that these haplogroups are the (pre-) Jomon contribution to the modern Japanese mtDNA pool. Moreover, the fact that Hokkaido Jomons shared haplogroup D1 with Native Americans validates the hypothesized genetic affinity of the Jomon people to Native Americans, providing direct evidence for the genetic relationships between these populations.

However, probably due to the small sample size or close consanguinity among the members of the site, the frequencies of the haplogroups in Funadomari skeletons were quite different from any modern populations, including Hokkaido Ainu, who have been regarded as the direct descendant of the Hokkaido Jomon people. It appears that the genetic study of ancient populations in northern part of Japan brings important information to the understanding of human migration in northeast Asia and America.


11 responses to “Presence of D1 haplogroup (mtDNA) is direct evidence of genetic affinity between the northern Jomon and Native American populations

  1. Truth Seekers,

    You are quite right. The Black Asian Jomon with D1 and M7a and N9b dna were the 1st people in Japan.

    Hundreds of years later, the Black Asian Jomon were attacked & over-run by a group of (A5 dna) mixed black & white Asians called the Ainu.

    After that, the yellow-skinned (A-dna) Yayoi invaded & conquered both the native Black Jomon & the mixed black and white Asian Ainu.

    A blending of the Black Jomon’s D1, M7a and N9b dna & the mixed black and white Asian Ainu’s (A5) dna & the yellow-skinned Yayo’s (A) dna then took place.

    The end result was the creation of Japan’s present DNA known as N9a.

    The (D1a / M7a / N9b) Black Jomon eventually produced descendants who left from Japan & the Andaman islands & went 2 Cancun, Mexico in the Yucatan.

    There in an underwater cave researchers found the 13,000 B.C. Naia skull. The DNA extracted from the skull was D1.

    The DNA of all past & present Mexicans can be traced back 2 this Black Pacific islander skull.

    The date of the Naia skull (13,000 B.C.) proves that Black Pacific islanders came 2 this America thousands of years b4 the 1st wave of slant-eyed yellow Asians came round 9,200 B.C. with Kennewick man, the Father of all American Indians.

    Clovis Man Utah is the Father of all Mexicans & Central Americans.

    Clovis Man New Mexico is the Father of all South American Indians.

    The previous also irrefuably proves that all past and present Mexicans and sum American Indian tribes in California like the Cochimi, the Chemosh and the Ohlone descend from the original Black Asian Jomon of Japan.

    As 4 me? I’m Pericu. We Pericues are the very 1st people in California and in the entire U.S. We 2 originally came from various Pacific islands.

    If anyone wishes 2 dialogue further, feel free 2 contact me. My e-mail address is


    Kippir Ateem

    • The pericu were not black Asian,and are extinct . The Chumash, not Chermosh, and Ohlone are also not black Asians. Are you some kind of Afrocentric or something? The pericue were far from the first anything. If anything the Chumash have been in California as far back as 14,000 years, as their tool kits and fish hooks have been found on Santa Rosa islands, San Miguel and Santa Cruz islands. Stop claiming non African Amerindians ass black Asian or African. You have nothing to do with the Pericu. All genetic test on the Pericu says they are pure Amerindians. You are from Africa !

  2. The Jomon have also been proven to be Mongoloid, after an early split between West and East Eurasians. On blood markers, HLa studies, they have no African markers at all.

    • First off, i will hav 2 again stress that the overwhelming majority of Black people (70%) absolutely, possitively DO NOT want our person or the place we hail from 2b called by any of the racist Mussolini Italian slurs Africa, African, Africans or by their root Africanus.

      We want 2b respected and be given equal treatment like everyone else.

      Thus, we want 2b called by the name our fore-mothers gave us.

      Accordingly, we want the place where all black-skinned, brown-skinned, red-skinned, yellow-skinned and white-skinned humans come from 2b called Black Land.

      In turn, we in particular want 2b called Black Americans.

      In previous posts i tried 2 illuminate u, especially since u claim 2b about pure objective science.

      But instead of updating scientific terminology, u deleted my rebuttals.

      That let me know u racist white boys are nothing but a bunch of forked tongued hypocrites.

      Next, i never said the D1 dna Jomon had any Black Land genetic markers L0, L1, L2, L3, L4, L5, L6, L7, M, N or R.

      Wut i said was, Lucy’s daughter L3 gave birth 2a daughter called M. Daughter M left Black Land and went 2 Australia. Hence, their most ancient M42 dna.

      After giving birth 2 Keilor Man and then later Coobool Man, Daughter M’s descendants left Australia and headed north 2 Thailand and left Moh Khiew Man.

      Daughter M’s Black Australoid descendants then migrated north 2 Okinawa and left Minatigowa Man, from whom came the original M7 dna Black Jomon.

      They then gave birth to the M8 dna first generation of Black Chinese & Korean women.

      Their husbands were the R9, R10, R11 & F dna little ” Black Dwarfs ” of China that are talked about in the book the Ancient Na (black) Khi (man) Kingdom of S.W. China.

      Next, u will note that the M8 dna Black Asians gave birth to the C & Z dna Black Asians. They inturn gave birth 2 the original C3, C2 & C1 Black Mongrels.

      After the newly created R1b1a DNA white Asians got created in the Caucasis Mountains they migrated 2 Siberia and mixed with the original slant eyed, yellow-skinned Black Asian San.

      This created the C3 dna mulatto Chukchi, Buryats and etc Mongrels with the Ab3st northern Mongol gene. They also harbor the (CY) ALDH2 locust.

      These mulatto Mongrels then migrated south 2 Japan, attacked the M7, N9b and D1 dna Black Jomon, killed their men, raped their women and infused n2 the D1 dna northern Jomon in particular the northern mulatto Mongrel’s high frequency Ag & Ab3st gene or their low frequency Afb1b3 gene.

      But the Heritage of Japan critic and Mr. Normandie 4got 2 mention that the 13,000 B.C. Naia skull in Mexico doesn’t hav ANY northern mulatto Mongrel’s high frequency Ag and Ab3st gene or their low frequency Afb1b3 gene.

      And bcuz Naia and her generatuon of D1 dna Jomon inhabited Mexico b4 the latter day invasion of the A2 dna Eskimoes, A2 dna Inuits, A2 dna Nau Inay / Apachees, A2 dna Navahoes, A2 dna Nuatles or A2 dna Aztecs, this is why the Naia skull people don’t hav the southern mulatto Mongrel’s high frenquency Afb1b3 gene or their low frequency Ab3st and Ag gene.

      Next, i would aporeciate it if someone would inform Mr. Normandie of the fact that, the original DNA of the entire S.W. from Texas 2 Colorado 2 Arizona 2 New Mexico 2 Utah 2 Nevada, as well as the entire west coast from the border with Canada, down 2 the State of Washington, down 2 Oregon, down 2 California, down 2 the Bajah Peninsula, down 2 the entire west coast of Mexico, down 2 the entire west coast of Central America, down 2 the southern tip of S. America, the original DNA is B from the Pacific islands.

      No mulatto Mongrels here. We were here 1st. This is certified by the 10,000 B.C. Luzia skull in Brazil and all of the other tribes there.

      Their dna is R14. Like with our B dna Luzia’s R14 dna doesn’t come from some mulatto Mongrels in Siberia. R14 dna comes straight from Papau New Guinea in the Pacific Ocean, off the N.E. coast of Australia, where the original Black M7 dna hales from.

      Now deny, disagree or dispute this pure objective, mathematical scientific fact.

      To help u out i’ve included a scientific article published in the National News. Please respond. I’m only interested in the truth.

      Jul 22, 2015

      Ancient DNA link connects Australians and South Americans

      Graeme O’Neill

      A stunning discovery by US and Brazilian geneticists has provided definitive evidence for a controversial theory that the Siberian ancestors of modern Native Americans were NOT the first people to colonise America.

      A team of US and Brazilian geneticists, led by Dr. David Reich of Harvard Medical School’s Department of Genetics, has shown that members of the Surui, Karitiana and Xavante peoples of Brazil’s Amazonia region, carry distinctive DNA sequences that identify them as the descendants of an earlier wave of colonists known as the Australoids.

      These people, said to have left Africa 50,000 years ago, are related to Australia’s Aborigines, the Onge people of India’s Andaman Islands, and Papua New Guineans.

      Dr. Reich and his colleagues have also identified Australoid genetic motifs in the indigenous Mixe people of the eastern Highlands of Mexico’s Oaxaca state.

      They are not suggesting that the Amazonian and Oaxaca are the direct descendants of Australoids.

      Rather, they suggest that later Amerindians colonists interbred with the descendants of an earlier wave Australoid colonists they have dubbed “ Population Y.”

      Melanesian people also share Australoid ancestry.

      But the US-Brazilian team admits it cannot yet determine when Population Y colonised the Americas.

      They say more detailed analyses of ancient human remains from across the Americas may resolve WHEN they arrived, and WHEN they interbred with the ancestors of the Amerindian peoples of Meso-America and South America.

      Until recently, most genetic evidence from studies of modern Native Americans, and ancient skeletal remains, indicated that North and South American peoples were descendants of a single founding population of ancient Siberians, related to the latter-day Chukchi peoples of eastern Siberia.

      But linguistic evidence, and studies of the morphology of several ancient skulls from both North and South America, offered hints that the colonisation of the Americas was a more complex process, involving at least two, possibly three waves of colonisation.

      One of the most distinctive ancient skulls from the Americas was discovered by a French-Brazilian archaeological team in Vermelho Cave, near Belo Horizonte in south-eastern Brazil in 1973.

      The skull, that of a young woman dubbed “Luzia”, yielded a radiocarbon age of 10,030 years. Its narrow, oval cranium with a projecting face and lower chin, resembled the skulls of modern Australoid peoples like Australia’s Aborigines, Melanesians, and the various South-east Asian peoples.

      Thrse findings are a shock to established thinking – but there were signs

      For decades, the North American archaeological establishment clung to its “ Clovis-first ” dogma.

      It simply rejected all evidence supporting claims that an earlier wave of people might have colonised the Americas thousands of years before Clovis hunter-gatherers left their exquisitely flaked flint arrowheads and spearpoints scattered across North America around 13,000 years ago.

      Crossing the frozen Bering straight would have proved difficult for the Siberian people.

      The Siberian ancestors of the Clovis people used the frozen Bering Strait to island-hop between Siberia and Alaska towards the end of the last glacial period around 13,500 years ago.

      In 1986, Brazilian archaeologist Niede Guidon reported she had discovered knapped (the shaping of stone through the process of lithic reduction) stone tools – knives, scrapers and sharp flakes at Pedra Furada in north-eastern Brazil.

      She had found the stone tools during excavations of a number of rock shelters in a 1973 expedition.

      Charcoal recovered from the deepest levels of the excavated rock shelters yielded radiocarbon dates between 48,000 and 32,000 years.

      But in a subsequent analysis, U.S.
      archaeologist Tom Dillehay suggested the charcoal was deposited by natural wildfires in the region.

      Dr. Dillehay himself experienced the scorn of the North American Establishment after claiming a radiocarbon date of 14,500 years from his excavation of an ancient, pre-Clovis settlement at Monte Verde, on the Chilean coast.

      One of the most promising places to look for more definitive evidence linking an ancient Australoids population in the Americas with modern Australoid populations in south-east Asia and Australia may be in southernmost South America – with the near-extinct indigenous peoples of Tierra del Fuego.

      These people have long been noted as distinctively different to most Amerindians, both in appearance and in their culture.

      He claimed an aboriginal Australian with good eye health can read one line further down a standard eye chart than the average Australians mixed with European descent.

      With both eyes open, aboriginal Australians can read two lines further down an eye chart.

      How Fred Hollows and Charles Darwin contributed to the theory:

      In 1990, as a science writer for a metropolitan newspaper, your correspondent interviewed legendary ophthalmologist and eye surgeon Professor Fred Hollows at a Menzies Health Research conference at Hobart’s Wrest Point Casino.

      Professor Hollows told fascinating stories about the visual acuity of Australian Aborigines.

      Hollows was renowned for his work treating eye problems in Aboriginal Australia.

      He claimed aboriginal Australians with good eye health can read one line further down a standard eye chart than the average Australian of European admixture.

      The Yagan people encountered by Charles Darwin in Tierra Del Fuego in 1832 are an example.

      With both eyes open, aboriginal Australians can read two lines further down an eye chart – a faculty, he said, that was clearly not due to any inherent superiority of the lens of the eye, but due to some fundamental difference in the way the visual cortex, in the hindmost part of the brain, integrates data from both eyes producing binocular vision.

      There were already suggestions at the time from some scientists that, the Fuegians were of Australoid, rather than Amerindian ancestry.

      Several years later, I was reading Charles Darwin’s famous Voyage of the Beagle, in which he describes his observations of the Tierra del Fuegians.

      I was struck by his description of their visual acuity:

      “Their sight was remarkably acute. It is well known that sailors, from long practice, can see a distant object much better than a lands man.

      Both York and Jemmy (two of Darwin’s Fuegian acquaintainces) were much superior to any sailor on board.

      Several times they have declared what some distance object has been, and though doubted by everyone, they have proved right when it was examined with a telescope.”

      Darwin also describes the sounds of the Fuegian language:

      “ The language of these people, according to our notions, scarcely deserves to be called articulate.

      Captain Cook has compared it to a man clearing his throat, but certainly no European ever cleared his throat with so many hoarse, guttural or clicking sounds.”

      It seems the Fuegians spoke a click language and linguistic and genetic evidences suggests the earliest modern humans spoke click languages similar to the Khoisan peoples of southern and eastern Africa.

      Khoisan languages, like that spoken by the Kung bushmen of Nambia, are liberally sprinkled with hollow, clicking sounds that approximate the hard “k” fricative of English, but produced further back where the soft palate joins the throat.

      The Fuegian click is softer, but still distinctive. An example can be found in a Spanish documentary on Cristina Calderon, the last living native speaker of Yagan, which is thought to be the language spoken by the Fuegians Darwin described.

      • Talk about mongrel mullatos, you are typical American Negro Sub-Saharan with a great deal of Notthern European admixture. Your ancestors came from Africa 300 hundred years ago, brought by European ancestors as Chattel in bondage. You have no Native American, Aborigine, Polynesian, Melanesian or Ainu , and those People are not black. Black is solely used for African Americans like you. DNA studies prove that The ancestral Native Americans are ancestral to All modern Native Americans, from Siberia to Alaska, all the way down to Tierra del Fuego. You obviously are trying to appropriate the Ancestry, Identity, Heritage and Cultural art and achievements of the Indigenous people of the TWO CONTINENTS of the Americas. They have nothing to do with you or Africans or Black African Americans, genetically or culturally. Pretending you are a original American black aborigine, doesn’t change your DNA , or History of the people who are the descendants of the first people to step foot on these continents, the ancestral Native Americans for whom all modern Native Americans descend. Oh, and seek help for your delusions you racist Black Supremist!!

  3. Please stop with the insults or inflammatory racial or nationalistic comments. Don’t get personal. Come here with cool heads and leave statements or comments about genetics as facts or scientific hypotheses to be proven or disproven, or as evidence of where lineages originated or entered the country. Anyone who flouts these rules of online courtesy may find their comments edited or removed.

    • Truth Seekers,
      Yes, you’re quite right. The illuminated should b above the fray. I gess i just had 2 respond in kind 2 being assailed upon.

      I’m preparing the specific DNA migration pattern of L1 to India, the south 2 north populating of the western hemisphere, the original southern arrival of the B dna Pericu vs the latter northern invasion of the X dna Chumosh & the A dna Cochimi, oldest art history in California, the Pericu petra glyhs, the D1 Mexican invasion, the exile 2 Florida, alliance with Chief Billy Bowlegs, the turtle, puma, jaguar clans, my lineage, the E-auh-bittee (eastern) disheer (red) sau-ba (star), the Golden Grizzly Bear clan, alhough 50 Pericues and 200-450 Muwikma (the People) called Costanoan (coastal) Ohlone (people who stand alone) of Pamona are petitioning the U.S. 4 full recognition.

      Your Duke,

      Chief Kippir Ateem

      • The Chumash have no Haplogroup X, they are solely of D4h3a, D1, and A2-A10, C2, They are Matrilocal so their MTDNA is in place for at least 11,000 years. That are genetically distinct from all other California natives, because they have been in the SB Channel Islands since California was colonized. The extinct Pericue are genetically similar to all Southwest Tribes and Northern Mexican tribes like the Cora, Cochimi, Seri, Guayacara, Kumaayeyn, Pima, Yaqui people. What make a African American who’s doubtfully ever lived in Mexican, or visited for that matter, think he is Pericue? Shit , I have tons of ancestors who were from Loreto, Baja Califonia, Who Came to settle in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara who Married into the Chumash Tribes, I have more Of a chance to be of Pericue And Guayacara indian heritage, than some random African American afrocentric. Lol!

      • My ancestors were Native Americans from Baja , they were specifically from the area by Cabo San Lucas, and They were the first Mexican expedition into Alta California and were the Founders of San Diego, San Jaun Capistrano, Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Monterey, Carmel, Santa Cruz, San Ynez in the 1769-1782. So I’m almost positive I have Pericue Indian, and others from Baja and the rest of Mexico, I’m also of Chumash Indian and my ancestors know there were no black African looking people in California at all, and when they first seen one, they thought it was Black berry juice rubbed into their skins. Quit trying to be something you are not. You are a African descendant with a ton of European admixture!

      • The Coastanoan are Penutian language speakers that colonized California from Oregon or Nevada, they are one of the last language groups to invade california, and are only late Holocene arrivals. The Chumash Natives are a language and genetic isolate with an ancient presence in the Southern California Santa Barbara Channel Islands and Mainland. Then the Hokan Speakers Arrived, then the Ohlone Penutian speakers (Coastanoans), then the Uto-Aztecans Arrived. So the Chumash are the Ancient ones in California. The Pericue and the Chumash have been said to be of the same stock, and Culture. But genetic evidence for the Pericue rules that out because they are genetically similar to Southwestern US, and Northern Mexican tribes. They are extinct now as a people, so afrocentrics like to appropriate them, just like the Yamasee, and the Olmec people. How convenient, don’t you think.

  4. Colleagues,
    Yesterday i posted another section of my endeaver 2 start from the very beginning, then come all the way 2 the landing of the Pericu & where our genes can b found 2day. However, i don’t c it the post. So i was just wondering if u got it?

    Kippir Ateem

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