Manga, Comic Book, and Graphic Novel Courses for Aspiring Creators

Jade's Escape

Finding a course can be hard, especially if you’re not Japanese. Here’s a few places to find manga and sequential, or comic book, art courses around the world.

Free Courses and Resources

  • Illustrator and manga creator, Mark Crilley, has his own free online manga course at Just watch the videos on any aspect of manga and try them out yourself.
  • A website called How to Bam is aimed at people wanting to become manga creators from the West. So far, they’re just free videos and information.
  • The World Manga Academy has free seminars and classes for those interested in learning or teaching the art of manga creation. Their interactive website keeps up with your classes and learning history the same way an online school does.
  • One magazine, Imagine FX (, has online tutorials on how to color sketches and understand anatomy. They also have an issue…

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