Field trip to the Tabata Stone Circle in Machida, Tokyo




A mid-Jomon stone circle dating to 3,500~2,800 years BP.

Some pottery finds were excavated on site(see photo above), as well as pit graves(see photo below).

Stone-lined graves


The tallest stones are smaller than the height of a man.  They resemble the stone circle in the Shaanxi area of China, rather than those of the Central Asian steppelands.

The sun can be seen setting over the peak of Mt. Hirugatake (1673 m.) on the Winter Solstice day, and which can be viewed from the line up of pillars in the stone circle. ‘Hiru’ means ‘daytime’, a cognate for which is ‘sun’.


To visit the site, follow the access map and see address below:

Chibi 3112-2 Oyama-chou, Machida city, Tokyo 194-0212
【地図】 see Google Map location page [A 5 minute walk from Tamasakai eiki/station


More information and further reading from our website:

Secrets of the Stone Circles

Oshoro circle in the news

In addition to the above, a listing of stone circles around Japan can be found at the website’s page.

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